Discover Holly Barkers NEW Ready-to-Wear bridal headpiece collection. Perfect for brides that don’t have the time for custom made.

Wedding venue? – tick. Wedding gown? – tick. Wedding photographer? – tick.
Wedding accessories? – Not to worry, plenty of time to select a gorgeous bridal headpiece that matches the theme of my wedding and the style of my dress! Not!
Don’t make the same mistake many other brides make when selecting their bridal accessories.

A bridal headpiece that leaves your guests astounded on your wedding day needs time – time to design a piece that is exclusively yours, time to search for the finest materials, and time to marry it all together with precision, skill and love.
Time is precisely the one commodity you are short of.
Don’t I know it!
Many of my brides only start thinking about their bridal headpieces when every other aspect of their Big Day is already taken care of!
And that’s why my NEW Ready-to-Wear bridal headpiece collection, is the perfect solution for the bride who has run out of time (like you??)
So now you can boast equally stunning wedding accessories without having to allow time for me to custom design and create your unique headpiece!
Perhaps you are you on a tight budget?
Or you prefer something a little simpler and subtler than a full headpiece?
Are you tired of making wedding-related decisions?
Can’t think of a specific design for your headpiece?
My NEW Ready-to-Wear bridal headpiece collection has been created just for you, to help make your life a little less stressful.
No, don’t worry, you won’t be wearing the same headpiece as every other bride in Australia. You will still get the distinctively exquisite Holly Barker seal as I only create a very limited number of my Ready To Wear Headpieces for each design.
Keen to find out more about how to get your Holly Barker Bridal Ready To Wear Headpiece?
The let me introduce you to some of the ready-to-wear headpieces I launched at Perth Wedding Upmarket a few weeks ago:
Introducing: DANA
beaded lace headpiece This finely beaded lace headpiece features stunning Swarovski  ® crystals, clear and silver seed beads and exquisite small pearls on a fine hair comb.
Petite and delicate, this beautiful headpiece is perfect for the bride looking for a small hair accessory for herself or her bridesmaids.
Available in white or ivory, Dana can be worn with almost every hairstyle.
Limited release Dana bridal headpieces are now available from my online store, click here for more details, pricing and measurements.
  Introducing: DAPHNE
Daphne bridal headpieces A delicate flower hairclip featuring vintage French lace, shimmering tulle, Swarovski ®  crystals and freshwater pearl wired stamens.
Daphne is the ideal accessory for your cute little flower girls, bridesmaids or a great way to add a feminine touch to your bridal outfit.
The flowers in this stunning bridal accessory attach to a ribbon-wrapped alligator clip that can be worn with most hairstyles.
Limited release Daphne bridal headpieces are now available from my online store, click here for more details, pricing and measurements.
  Introducing: DAISY
beautiful lace headpiece This beautiful lace headpiece features dazzling clear and silver Swarovski  ® crystals and pure freshwater pearls.
Easy to wear with most hairstyles, Daisy will help you turn heads on your Big Day.
Available in Ivory only.
Limited release Daisy bridal headpieces are now available from my online store, click here for more details, pricing and measurements.
  Introducing: DARCEY
Darcey ready to wear bridal headpieces If you are looking for the perfect finishing touch to complement your bridal gown and have no time to spare, this delicately beaded lace headpiece featuring striking Swarovski  ® crystals, clear and silver seed beads and small impressive pearls is exactly what you need.
Available in white or Ivory.
Limited release Darcey ready to wear bridal headpieces available now, click here for pricing and measurements
Introducing: DIANA 
Darcey ready to wear bridal headpieces As the name itself evokes, Diana is a beautiful beaded lace headpiece featuring sparkling silver and clear Swarovski ® crystals and gorgeous silver seed beads.
Available in white only.
You can find the gorgeous Diana, or any of my other ready-to-wear bridal headpieces in the Holly Barker Millinery online store just click here to visit.
If you’re unsure which Ready To Wear Headpiece would suit your look don’t hesitate to contact me on 0405 823 076 or get in touch via email I would be more than help to help you choose the right piece to suit your bridal style.
Or if you have the time to create your own custom bridal headpiece get in touch and we can arrange a consultation time.
And remember, the clock is ticking!
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