No regrets: Choosing your ready made bridal headpiece

Do you have your heart set on a unique couture bridal headpiece? If it hasn’t been crossed off the wedding to-do list yet, I have some good news! There are now alternatives to a custom made headpiece, without sacrificing your style or individuality.
One of my one-off ready to wear couture headpieces will fit the bill.
You can find a style to suit whatever your version of the fairytale wedding is, without waiting. I know when you have found the right headpiece, you want it now!

We have all heard the stories (and seen the Pinterest accounts) of unfortunate brides who order their dream dress or bridal accessories online, only to find the product does not match the description. Some brides end up ordering 2 or 3 headpieces trying to find a bargain.
You may get lucky, you probably won’t.
The magic of your special day deserves to be matched with the luxurious touch of a one-off bridal headpiece. I can help you take the stress out of choosing this key accessory.
Here a few of my tips to achieving your dream look on your journey to wedded bliss.
Do some research on prices for one-of-a-kind bridal headpieces
bridal-headpiece-costsThis will help you understand what a one-off ready made bridal headpiece costs. Once you understand the ballpark figure, you are on your way to understanding what to look for in a headpiece and when a cheaper price should ring alarm bells.
Cheap bridal headpieces are usually priced that way for a reason. It may be ‘budget friendly’ but does it look cheap? Don’t let yourself down by trying to save on a bridal accessory, when you have already invested so much (time and money) in your dress, the venue, the bridal party and one hundred other details for the big occasion.
What to look for?
With so many decisions to make to pull a wedding together, it can be easy to make a quick choice on a bridal headpiece that you regret later.
Be aware of cheap imitations.
Match the style of your headpiece to your dress, your preferred hairstyle, the wedding styling and the bridal party. If it doesn’t look the part, you’ll regret it every time you look at your wedding photos.
And they last forever!
It is also important to have an eye for whether your bridal headpiece is well made. There are some telltale signs of a headpiece that will let your wedding down:
  • if it isn’t completely handmade, it is unlikely to be good quality and won’t last (all Holly Barker headpieces are handmade, no machines in sight)
  • handmade, couture headpieces will have delicate beads and crystals intricately stitched on, not glued!
  • there should not be any glue or threads hanging off the lace or beads.
Cheaper pieces may look OK. But OK is not good enough for your wedding day.
If it doesn’t give you a flutter of excitement, you probably haven’t found the right one. It should make your heart sing!
Standing out from the crowd
Is it really a one-off? You want your wedding to be exactly like the new Holly Barker Limited Edition One Off Ready to Wear Bridal Headpiece Collection: an instant classic.
 couture bridal headpieceWhether your heart longs for soft French lace, sumptuous silk tulle, sparkling Swarovski® crystals or hand beaded flowers, you can be guaranteed you are buying a one-off couture bridal headpiece when you choose one of my pieces.
The spotlight should be firmly on you on your wedding day. A stunning one-of-a-kind headpiece will keep your (soon to be) husband and your guests spellbound as you walk down the aisle.
We all know the etiquette of not wearing white to a wedding, but there’s no rule that guests can’t wear a headpiece! Headpieces are becoming so popular for special events as women highlight their crowning glory and keep other accessories understated. It will be out of your hands if your cousin turns up with a similar headpiece, or even the same one!
What happens when the wedding is over?
Choosing a Holly Barker Millinery one-off headpiece, lovingly handmade to last, means you are choosing to bring a heirloom piece into your family. Imagine if your daughter or another loved one gets a chance to wear it in the future.
You can start a gorgeous family tradition!
Because my ready to wear headpieces are intricately hand stitched designs, they can be worn again and again without fear of damage.
Wedding dresses and hairstyle trends come and go, but a classic ready made headpiece will never go out of style. You can even make it the feature of your outfit if you renew your vows!
Keeping it beautiful
If you make the investment into a ready-made one-off bridal headpiece, it is worth making the effort to preserve it properly. I’m happy to give you advice on how to best preserve our piece. Just drop me an email I would love to hear from you.
Don’t make a quick decision you’ll regret.
Choose a gorgeous one-of-a-kind headpiece from my Holly Barker collection and be a showstopper on your big day!
Indian inspiration for a custom bridal headpiece
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