Romantic Wedding Headpieces. Did he pop the question on Valentines day?

He popped the question on Valentine’s Day, you said yes and now you’re entering the planning phase, the venue, the dress, the wedding headpiece? Where do I start?
You had the feeling something was brewing, right?
All those mysterious phone calls, that tinge of nervousness on his voice that morning, the fact that he bought himself a new shirt for the occasion… there was something suspicious about it all but you narrowed it down to him going the extra mile this Valentine’s to please you.

But, no, he wasn’t just going the extra mile.
He was, in fact, going to propose! (OMG!)
One minute you see him pull a gorgeous ring from his pocket in one of the most romantic restaurants in the city, next minute you are looking for venues, thinking about wedding invitations and looking for a custom bridal headpiece to match your stunning Pronovias gown.
Welcome to the Valentine Day’s Brides Exclusive Group
Valentines-brides---wedding-headpieceHow did it all happen so fast?
Well, first of all let me say this: Congratulations!
You are now part of the very select group of Valentine Day’s Brides.
And secondly, a little tip –  it’s going to get hectic, it’s going to be a nerve-wracking process but, please, don’t ever forget that it’s all about one thing and one thing only: romance, love and the adoration you feel for one another.
Needless to say: you need to get planning as soon as possible!
Your gown, your shoes, your jewellery, and yes, of course, your wedding headpiece. Cross all those items off your wedding to-do list as soon as possible.
Still in the clouds?
Don’t even know where to begin?
Thankfully there’s one part of your wedding I can help you with. Yes, you guessed – what else would a Perth Milliner know better than custom bridal headpieces, right?
However, the first thing on your list is your style. Do you want to go Ibiza hippy, classic, bohemian, contemporary or do you want to be remembered as a cutting-edge bride?
Your style will dictate the theme of the entire wedding – from the venue’s decorations, to your flowers and of course, your bridal headpiece.
That’s why, your number one priority is getting your style right.
I know, it feels overwhelming! After all, you’ll find endless style choices in any bridal magazine (making your life very, very difficult)!
But don’t worry, I’m here to help.And given that we’ve just said good bye to another Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d show you what a truly romantic wedding looks like.
Amy: Romantic contemporary
Headpiece - Amy Romantic-contemporaryWhen Amy came to see me, she knew exactly what she wanted. Having selected her stunning long fishtail gown, Amy wanted a wedding headpiece that was as memorable as her dress. “I really want to feel like a true bride, I want to have an amazing statement headpiece”.
I knew exactly what she wanted. To give that uniquely romantic feel she was dreaming of, there was only once choice – Swarovski ® crystals.
Her headpiece is a true labour of love.
I spend a good few weeks hand beading the precious Swarovski ® crystals you can appreciate in the images in gold and silver and finishing it up with featured feathers to the side.
Is that a style you’d go for?
Amy couldn’t have been any happier with it!
Kiara: Romantic simplicity
Kiara: Romantic  HeadpieceKiara wanted to blend the simple beauty of her strapless gown with a romantic headpiece that turned heads.
I felt nothing but the preciously patterned Italian Guipure lace and Swarovski ® crystals would fulfill the brief better. As soon as Kiara saw my sketch she fell in love with it. It took me a few good days to hand bead the precious crystals. But, as always, it was all worth it.
Another happy ending, another beautiful bride!
Want to discuss your bridal headpeice in detail?
Sure, you have plenty of time, but my suggestions can always help you move in the right direction.  
 Kiara-bridal-headpiece     Kiara
So, give me a call today on 0405823076 or get in touch via email.
You have the privilege of being a Valentine Day’s Bride. Make the most of it!

Photo credits to    Anthea Auld Photographer

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