Taking Custom Bridal Headpieces into another dimension at Faversham House

Do you want to go next level with your headpiece? Create a centerpiece for your bridal ensemble that turns heads and captures the true spirit of you and your love story? Look like you just stepped off the cover of Vogue? Like a song you can’t get out of your head, my headpieces linger on as memories that last a lifetime.

Showcasing mesmerising haute couture
A recent photo shoot at Faversham House, York, Perth was the perfect setting to showcase my haute couture headpieces.
A stunning colonial-style redbrick mansion set amongst 5 acres of picturesque vineyards and gardens in Western Australia’s York countryside, Faversham House is a charming National Trust establishment and popular WA wedding venue.
A headpiece for brides who don’t settle for ordinary
My haute couture bridal headpieces aren’t for ordinary weddings.
They’re about making a statement, showing your personal style and expressing your personality through on trend styling, fabrics and embellishments.
Take advantage of this once in a lifetime chance to wow your family and friends with a look they won’t forget in a hurry. And don’t forget about knocking your husband to be for six!
You can let your imagination run wild – just like I did when I had the chance to showcase my headpieces at Faversham!
Proud peacock: Lyra bridal headpiece
Welcome the seduction and indulgence of Carnivale to your celebration with the Lyra custom headpiece. Lyra bridal headpiece
Featuring shimmering peacock feathers matched with hand-beaded detailing in gold wire, the light bounces off the vivid colors to create a centerpiece that’s simply breathtaking.
Are you a bold bride ready to make a statement?
Metallic decadence: Ezra custom headpiece
This black and silver metallic lace headpiece is inspired by the decadence of haute couture, the indulgence of sumptuous lace, ornate fabrics and intricate design.
Ezra custom headpiece
The exquisite lace detail and delicate silver wiring shimmers in the light, and tells everyone you’ve arrived on the fashion scene.
For brides who aren’t afraid to turn heads!
Vintage angel: Eliane custom bridal headpiece
My Elaine custom headpiece brings the drama, and high end sophistication.
A golden halo of vintage velvet flowers is complemented by gold wired full blooms.
For fashion forward brides who like to nod to vintage elegance.
Eliane custom bridal headpiece
Paperbark pretty: Elka headpiece
I created this bold fashion statement from the natural beauty of paperbark.
Mother Nature meets Alice in Wonderland in this custom headpiece, featuring a distinctive texture and delicate cob-web features.
Elka headpiece
For brides who want to create a stir and demand you take a fashion side!
 Feathery delights: Eliza custom headpiece
For my Eliza custom headpiece I brought together the cobweb structure of natural creamy paperbark, with delicate emu feathers, for a haute couture take on Australian fashion.
Feathery delights: Eliza custom headpiece
For brides not afraid to push fashion boundaries and take a risk!
Natural sophistication: Elia custom bridal headpiece
Bold yet simple, creamy paperbark strips create a towering extension for lighter hair, or a show-stopping contrast for dark haired brides.
Elia custom bridal headpiece
Elia is a headpiece perfect for a confident bride ready to defy expectations.
Ooh la la – Aurora headpiece
Inspired by French elegance, I created this delicate headpiece from blush pink French lace, vintage French pale pink feathers and classic French veiling.
Aurora headpiece
Bring the Parisienne catwalk to your wedding with this elegant headpiece.
Put a cat amongst the pigeons – Ebony headpiece
I’ve brought a touch of burlesque to this custom headpiece with black vintage French trim and the bold contrast of Lady Amhurst pheasant feathers.
Ebony headpiece
For brides ready to bring the drama and make a scene!
A versatile headpiece available with or without the red detailing.
Let’s tell your story
Ready to make your statement?
Let’s get inspired together. Email me today and let’s talk about a custom headpiece that tells your love story.
Credits:www.fotografiacoppola.com – Photos
Chein Noir Dezines – Gowns
Bronwyn Gillespie – Hair and Makeup
Bec Burke, Charlie Gribble, Jana Maree Schaub – Models
Faversham House, York – Location
Belle Classic Limos – Cars
Custom headpieces aren’t just for brides to be! Treat yourself to a one of a kind designer headpiece