The new “it” bridal headpiece – Crowns. Our guide to the do’s and don’ts of bridal crowns

If you were to ask me to name some of the most stunning brides I had the pleasure to create bridal headpieces for, I would not be able to give you an answer.
And that’s because, to me, every single one of them is a goddess.
Whether she is in white and walking down the aisle, or whether she is buying groceries in casual wear – they are all just gorgeous women.
But if you were to insist and twisted my arm, I might come up with a name for no reason other than you probably already know her.

Tanya Scarvaci.
Tanya Scarvaci bridal headpieceDoes that name ring a bell?
It probably does as Tanya became “Australian royalty” when she was crowned Mrs. Australia International last year.
Besides being one of the most gorgeous women in this country, Tanya has been a customer of mine for quite some time now. In fact, the very day she was awarded the title of ‘Mrs. Australia International’, Tanya was wearing a Holly Barker Millinery Swarovski® crystal crown and a gorgeous couture gown by Chein Noir Dezines.
And yes, Tanya really knows how “to rock” a bridal crown!
And I’m sure you will too!
Because bridal crowns like the one Tanya wears in this picture, are becoming more and more popular outside Buckingham palace!
Crowns are feminine, sophisticated, refined yet easy-to-wear and combine with the hairstyle of your choice. Besides, with a little touch from your favourite Perth milliner (J), it will be a breeze to turn your vision into reality.
Wouldn’t know where to start finding the crown that’s perfect for you?
Keep reading.
My guide to Bridal Crowns do’s and don’ts;
Let’s start with your don’ts.
First and foremost, don’t buy ready-to-wear crowns.
“Sure”, you’ll probably say, “what else would a milliner who customises bridal headpieces and crowns for a living say?”
And you’d be wise to be skeptical but all I want to do is prevent you from being seriously embarrassed when one of your guests turns up with exactly the same crown as you. After all, there aren’t that many crowns available off the shelves in Australia!
A crown crafted especially for you is one of a kind and it will eventually become a family treasure that can be passed down onto future generations.
Now, which one would you prefer?
I thought so.
What about the Dos of Bridal Crown selection?
It very much depends on the theme and style of your wedding.
For a Bohemian look:
Le Papillon  bohemian look
Down to earth, soft and feminine, a bohemian style is perfect for a stress-free beach or country wedding.
If “relaxed bohemian” is your look, stay away from bulky crowns made of wire, metal and larger crystals.
Choosing a handmade crown made of silk flowers carefully handcrafted in your colour of choice will provide the relaxed beach or country feel you are going for.
For a Modern/contemporary look:
Brides this season have been going for structured, wired and visually surprising bridal headpieces and crowns in block colours like gold, rose gold and the – always popular – silver.
      bridal headpieces and crowns      contemporary crown
A contemporary crown is also very wearable in other occasions like a friend’s wedding or the races.
For a Vintage look
If you are going vintage on your Big Day, the old world glamour will have plenty of options for you to choose from!
     Vintage look     bridal crowns with your Perth Milliner
Whether, you opt for something as dashing as a structured high standing crown or something more delicate and filled with intricate details, your vintage bridal crown will certainly turn heads on your Big Day (and leave your better half in complete awe!).
So, is it time to have a chat about bridal crowns with your Perth Milliner?
I’m all up for it!
Give me a call on 0405 823 076 or get in touch via email.
There’s a bridal crown with your name on it. Let me create it for you!  

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